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PIP’s mission is empowerment through education and sustainable development projects.

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Our Vision

Our goal is an ultra low-cost academy that empowers people to create with technology and become problem solvers. Projects around the UN's Sustainable Development Goals are a great chance to give back and apply and improve skills. We start with workshop to learn, research to inspire, and build meaningful solutions. Our goal is to support developing countries to build capacities for life-long learning and benefit from the opportunities technology offers.

What motivates us to work in the area of technology, education and innovation:

Self-organized learning

Sugata Mitra’s Hole in the Wall experiments show the success of letting students learn by themselves with the resources of the internet. Through guiding questions and applied research, students discover that they can learn anything through the Internet.

Accessible Technologies

Low-cost devices, like Raspberry Pi's and open source technology are enough to create an ultra-low cost and scalable learning platform. Building with them is educational and future-oriented.

Sustainable Development Goals

The 17 goals were ratified by 193 countries and consist of 169 targets and 232 indicators. There are huge challenges ahead of us, and we should orient and prepare ourselves for them.

Ecole 42

A coding school that is a proven success of platform, projects, and peer-learning schools for programming knowledge.

Scaling social innovation

There are solutions that work right now and create a high social impact. Reproducing them on a global level requires social changemakers with the appropriate problem solving skills.

Impact Investments

An investment in education pays dividends over generations. We want to maximize the return on our time and effort. To make this transparent, we work with the social reporting standards in our yearly reports.


  • To make quality education available anywhere we need a project- and peer-based learning platform.
  • We need to rely on low-cost and scalable infrastructure. With open source technology at its core, we are independent and cost-effective.
  • In our schools, a server with micro-services can solve local problems and be created and maintained by participants. Documenting the learning and project process makes them accesible to the next generation of learners, and leads to a self-improving system.


We're an open NGO where both professionals and amateurs can join our model to teach young people to be changemakers.



Research and Blogs

We're publishing our research and organize study trips to succesful models all over the world.

Monthly Sprints

Join our monthly review and see the possibilities to participate.


Hackathons, organising our owns and participating as a delegation in others.

Our Team

Hey, we’re a group of young people who feel the need for change by innovating in the social area. We have a range of projects and offers for people to participate and learn through. Most projects however, are also associated with a sustainable development goal.

Farah Alrubaye

Working as a Front-end developer at Reppublika. Studied Computer Science Engineering in Iraq.

Alex Hartveld

Co-founder of refugees code. Creator of Lingophant Language Learning App. Product Owner at Hutchison Drei GmbH.

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