Hackathon 02 - on Saturday 28.03.2020 => Learning By Doing

A hackathon is an event where people get together, form teams, build something new to solve a problem, and have fun doing it! Some project ideas include websites, mobile apps, robots, and more! A hackathon is an all-inclusive environment, you’ll learn something new and meet people who are passionate about technology.

Hackathons are a chance to prove your skills in a team and in a short time frame, 24 hours for projects and learning. Try out new technologies, collaborate with other developers, focus for 24 hours straight, design / build around meaningful challenges. We as pip.ac will organise our own hackathon as a chance to bring together participants around practical sessions and develop chunks of our platform. Also we will participate with our community in other hackathons to get to know people and test and enjoy our skills together.

People invited are coming from: 20% data science, 30% developers, 50% others You can invite friends or share a link to our Eventbrite sign-up page.

Hackathons are more than just a competition or showcase of technical skill. We strive to create an all-inclusive community that acts as an outlet in which we can join our peers and share our passion for all the incredible things that can be done through programming. That’s why we follow the Major League Hacking code of conduct. We’re excited to share this ethos with all of our attendees and come together to grow the hacker community here in Vienna.

  • Professional Developers
  • Students
  • Complete beginners
  • Hackers

  • Coffee & Networking before the event
  • Opportunity to meet up to 50 people who are excited about new technologies and disruptive way of thinking.
  • We’ll start with an introduction to the Sustainable Development Goals followed by a short impromptu conference, meaning whoever wants to can pitch an idea for 3-minute, and/or host a 20-minute session. Teams can start after 30 minutes.
  • We have prepared an overview of projects, from which people can add or take projects. In the worst case you can focus on your own project for 24-hours.
  • Community voting, awards three prices in categories "Best Execution", "Best Concept", "Most Creative Project".
  • Pizza for Lunch, Falafel and Hummus for dinner, snacks and drinks always.

Since the UN's Sustainable Development Goals gives a good overview of problems, we orient our projects around them. You can also present your own idea and find partners. Check this link for a full overview of goals and projects we came up with.

    Costs are 20€, but if you’re a student or low on money you can also just give us 5€.