With Us Code 2020 in G E O R G I A Majd & Farah & Alex
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Coding is awesome! But starting on your own can be overwhelming. We as a Team of the PIP see it as our responsibility to spread our knowledge whereever we can! That's why we will give our first Workshop in Kutaissi. Aligned with the CS50 Harvard University program and edited for non-academics, we will guide them to their first steps into the "Hello World!" We will start from Scratch and accompany a group of students for three days. On two workshop days we work with young people (14-20 years). We need a space that can host 10-20 persons. We bring prepared micro-computers that just need a monitor, keyboard and mouse. We bring a small server for learning resources and just need an internet connection to connect to via Ethernet cable. We’re happy to collaborate with volunteers and also will bring our own volunteers. At the end we want to evaluate our results through a questionnaire and receive feedback on how to increase our efforts.

    Caffeinated and freshly slept out, we send our teams off to earn their equipment for the next few days in a Treasure Hunt. In the meantime, they will learn about the most important milestones in programming history and be optimally prepared for the following learning session For our first programming solution afterwards, we use Scratch - a drag-and-drop solution - which is easy to use and provides a fast track to success.

  • Introduction
  • Treasure hunt
  • Watch week-0 lecture
  • Pset0- scratch

    Did you get through yesterday all right? Awesome! Because on the second day, too, we put our foot down and check the results of our colleagues from the previous day with peer review. Then we go a step further and explain the basic principles of Python - the most popular programming language 2019 - or C - the mother of all languages!

  • Peer review pset-0
  • Watch week-01
  • Pset01-Python
  • Intro to hackathon

    Phew last day - once again bring up all reserves! The workshop goal is to encourage you to realize your own projects and that's exactly what we will do together with you on the last day! Our coding experts will be at your disposal all day long and will give you advice and support. Finally we will present our ideas and celebrate our progress !

  • Escape room
  • Challange picker
  • Desidn App

You can't wait till it starts? Take a look at the CS50 webpage and start today developing your skills for the jobs of tomorrow.

Workshop Elements

  • Treasure Hunt

  • Learning

    Watching online lectures together, with support from coaches. It will train English language comprehension, get one of the world’s best teachers into the classroom, and show how online courses work.

  • Projects

    Turning theory into practice with real-life projects in a team. Examples are developing a computer game, writing cryptographic programs, and automated analysis of texts.

  • Hackathon

    We invite the participants from our different workshops and let them solve challenges over 12 hours. Participants can earn prices and present their works.